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Is the xbox 360 worth buying?


I have decided to get an xbox 360 but don’t know if I should. sounds cool and all but i’m scared i might get the red ring of death. i plan on getting the xbox 360 arcade.

any help?

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  1. Do not get an Arcade, because it does not have a Hard Drvie, Thats Bad. Get a Pro or Elite.

  2. Don’t get the ps3 like the other guy posted.compared to the 360, hardly anyone plays it (just look at the sales numbers). Most every game worth playing comes out for both systems (barring a few). Online play is only $3 a month if you buy a year long subscription card off Amazon.com. If you say a PS3 is better because of free online play, are you really so cheap you can’t afford $3 a month?

  3. Oh. Pshh If you get the Arcade, it comes with the Jasper chip. that chip prevents the RRoD.

  4. if you get the xbox 360 arcade then you don’t get to much memory space on it. But i would get a ps3 because the are much better.

  5. no get the ps3 it has free on line play and almost the same games i would only recommend it if u like halo

  6. Yes!

    Xbox 360 is the most powerful gaming system.

    Xbox 360’s graphic is better than ps3.

    It has lots of great exclosives like splinter cell conviction, Fable 2, Alan wake, Halo and, Forza and.

    I ran my xbox 360 elite for 5 hours straight once and nothing happend.

    Do these things and enjoy your 360 for years to come.

    1. Don’t run your system more than 2 hours straight.

    2. Don’t move your console while the disk is in the tray.

    3. Don’t put dirty or cracked disks in It.

    And I have to tell you that the Ps3 is almost like the 360.

    If you run It for along time you’ll get the yellow ring of death which is the same as the red ring of death in xbox 360.

    forget about graphics cause they’re prety much the same.

    Get the console which you think has better exclosives. If you are a kinda killzone 2 guy and you like first persons more get a ps3. If you like third persons like Gears of war and splinter cell and alan wake go for xbox 360.

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