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is there a way of plugging my x-box 360 into a computer monitor?


any help will be great

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  1. Yes.

    If your monitor supports HDMI, just get a HDMI cable for the 360 and plug it in that way.

    Otherwise if your monitor supports DVI, you can get a HDMI-to-DVI connector and use a HDMI cable for the 360.

    Else, just get the 360’s VGA cable and use that.

    Note that unless you monitor has built-in speakers and a HDMI port you’ll need to plug in separate audio cables to get sound. This can be an optical audio cable you connect to the input on your surround system (some PCs have an INPUT like this as well). Or you can use the standard red/white stereo audio cables. The VGA cable comes with these, or you can use the 360’s standard AV cables and use the red/white cables from that (ignore the yellow cable – it’s a composite video cable.) You can get an adapter that lets you plug the red/white RCA connectors into a mini-jack port like for headphones.

  2. Yes actually you can with the assistance of an xbox VGA cable. It looks like this

    [url is not allowed].

    Your monitor has to have a VGA port and this does not work with laptops.

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