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Is xbox 360 Elite better than Other?


I dnt understand the difference between ARCADE, ELITe, SLIM, PRO. IS xbox live not available for arcade. is it difficult to play online on arcade. are demos not available for every xbox. is elite hard drive space much.

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  1. Live is the same for all of the models, demos are available as well. The Arcade didn’t come with a HDD, Elite comes with a large HDD and is flat black in color, Slim comes with a HDD and is obviously slim. and the Pro came with a small HDD

  2. All the playability is he same. Like graphics and stuff. Live runs the same. Arcade is very down “barbaric” to the Elite which comes with everything u want if you want an xbox and xbox live and it is allll black mic and evrything. But the new 250GB Xbox I hear play extremely quiet the wi-fi is slightly better, it doesn’t heat up quickly, and it makes his cool little ring or jingle when u press the power button or u open the disc tray. In all the new Xboxs are the best and I hear are highly recommended

  3. The differences are that

    Arcade: Has small hard drive, no hdmi cable, and is really designed to have games downloaded, white

    Pro: This is the original 360, has larger hard drive, can play on hd, I have that and it works fine, dont need extra space, white

    Elite: Basically just the pro, that is black, and has a larger hard drive and some extra cables, black

    Slim 4GB: this is the newest xbox, is much smaller and quieter, has extra usb ports, is “Kinect Ready”, black

    Slim 250 GB: same thing as 4gb slim, except with 250 gb of memory, wayyyyy too much, glossy black

    All can do live

    Check xbox.com for more in depth details

  4. Well, as far is i know.

    Arcade: Lower amount of memory and is white. Your are supposed 2 download games on it, but you dont have to.

    Pro: This is the original xbox 360. It has the medium amount of memory. This one is White.

    Elite: I use this xbox 360. It has 120 GB FOR GOD SAKES! THATS HUGE! Also it is black wich i really like with it.

    Slim: This is the newest xbox 360. It is black and is really cool and i little bit of sexy (i know its wierd that i sad that but im an nerd sow forgive me). It has 250 GB FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

    JEEESUS!! Also it has 5 USB PORTS OMG!! You can plug in the kinect direcly with no problems.

    With the other xbox 360s you need 2 have an extra supply cable 2 operate the kinect, but not with

    the S. It has WiFi sow it connect 2 xbox live faster.

    The most important thing for me with the slim is first the WiFi=Faster connection. Second is that you dont have to use an extra supply cable for the kinect and third, its cooler. I dont really care for the memory cause i have an elite and i dont even use 60% of its memory. Sow yeah, thats pretty much everything. Sorry for typing sow much i jsut thought i would give you as much information and as much details as possible.

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