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MLB The Show 16 Review


MLB The Show 16 Review

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  1. Just Brought MLB The Show 16 For PS3 This Past Friday at Local Gamestop Store And I Liking This Game So Far For The PS3 And I Dont Own PS4 I Own PS3 Super Slim I Had The System Since 2013 And I Got It From Gamestop. I Rate This Game 9.5/10 Because It's Got So Many Modes. I Recommended To Get This For PS3 Or PS4!!!!!!

  2. The worst game I've ever played, how can people continue to purchase this shambolic piece of garbage they call a game. Consistent good swings being fouled off or even swung and missed on, 70 overalls who barely even play in real life hitting Homer's and dominating in the field like they are a legend. The horrific player faces that make you question if SDS even try (Lindor, Story, Trumbo for some of the most shocking) And the legends player faces which make you think if they even know who they are. Pitching being way to easy every single game no matter which pitcher you use and hitting being impossible cuz you whiff on good swings or if you are lucky to make contact its a "major league pop up" or a "dribbler in front of the mound" you are honestly lucky to reach a massive 3 hits on a good hitting day on Hall Of Fame or Legendary difficulty. The laughable animations like the missed flyball and diving effort in the outfield honestly lead me to believe that it was developed in a good couple of minutes. To sum it up if you truly love the great sport of baseball DO NOT waste your money on this garbage cuz it's no where near even being comparable to WII sports baseball. PLEASE MLB 2K COMEBACK!!!

  3. The game is no doubt the best available, but only because it's th ONLY decent available. This game is not special. Buy it, enjoy it, but it gets repetitive. There isn't too much in it to make it special. At least Stubbs are cheap though, (take note EA) and can be used on the open market which allows you to buy players you actually want.

  4. Laughable looking "sony" "exclusive" Movements are herky-jerky and LAUGHABLE. Looks like Triple Play 97. except NOT as fun

  5. i think its REALLY stupid that the only baseball game is on ps4 i love baseball and i have xbox one so i think there should be another one on the one or make it just for both consoles i that a sports game should be both consoles not bought by one so they can get more sales

  6. Legend I had 360 years ago, I used to try so hard to like 2k baseball but it was awful and remained awful till the end. When it came to this gen I went with Sony just because of the show, it's the only sports game that's is console exclusive…I bet tens of thousand of ps4 buyers went that way for the show ….

  7. Microsoft needs to premier a baseball game for Xbox one this year at e3, don't want to have to buy ps4 for a great baseball game!

  8. Only things I found a problem with is free agency in franchise mode. When I pick up a player off free agency, and even if they rake in stats, they can't be traded as all the other teams will NOT take them, even if you put someone like Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera. I also did not like how they took out community challenges, and you could not play conquest like a draft, as I think you should be able to choose if you want to use your diamond dynasty team or draft one.

  9. I couldn't hear anything but i will definitely get this I haven't played a baseball game since mlb 98 for ps1 and i loved sitting there as a little kid letting the other team walk cause i liked throwing the ball them maybe this will bring back those great memories

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