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Mondo Cool Reviews: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (PS3. 360)


I haven’t done a review in awhile, sorry for the delay folks! Decided to do a lesser known game this time. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a pretty decent title that was unfairly swept under the rug. This was published by Namco Bandai and developed by the now defunct Game Republic.

Mondo Cool Reviews: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (PS3. 360)

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  1. As of posting time, this game sells @ $29.99 on Amazon for brand new and $13.98 for used.

  2. My comment will contain spoilers……I really loved this game. I'm not sure about the 15 to 20 hours of play time though as it took me at least 50 to 60 hours in order to explore everywhere and find everything.  I played it on both the PS3 & the XBOX 360 and both versions played flawlessly.  I actually thought the Xbox 360 version looked a little better than the PS3 version.  But if there actually was a difference,  it is not much of one.  The talking animals were annoying,  but I listened to what all of them had to say.  What I do find interesting though is that several endings to this game have been posted on Youtube over the years.  But,  none of them have been the ending that I got when I played the game on both platforms.  The ending I received ( both times )  is a tragic ending where Tepeu is left on his knees in tears after the Majin sacrifices himself in order to put an end to the Darkness once and for all.  This ending starts after the last boss has been temporally sealed off behind the door,  and after the father of the princess dies.  It is a very emotional ending which is done partially in slow motion.  It is without question better than the endings I've seen posted on here, all of which only vary a tiny bit from each other. Has anyone else received this sad and tragic ending?

  3. My only big problem with this game is when Majin talks that big black subtitle bar comes across the screen even when subs are disabled and it gets annoying because the Majin talks a lot.

  4. Ever since we started chatting I have been having a lot of fun going back and watching some of your videos that I missed from before I was subbed. I just got this game not too long ago for the 360 and while I'm really excited to give it a shot I'm kind of apprehensive just because I'd rather play it on the PS3 to be honest. I was wondering what console you played it on? I'm sorry if you mentioned in the video and I missed it. Great review by the way, really makes me want to get to this sooner than I had planned.

  5. I just cant decide if I should bought…I cant tell yet if the game is worth the little time I have to play games… Thanks for the review! Keep it up!

  6. when u talked about loppy controls, u were jumping at the platform from the wrong side. i made the same mistake twice b4 figuring out i should have gone around

  7. I recently Platniumed this game on Christmas Eve. I'm really glad I experienced this game. It's heartwarming, challenging, and unique. I really hope Namco Bandai buy the rights, and make a sequel to this. Here's hoping! Great work :).

  8. it's one of the most underrated games in this generation (besides Elshaddai) .. I'm really disappointed that Game Republic got shut down 🙁

  9. I must say you did a excellent job with this review. If I find the game for that low of a price ill try it out.

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