Home Playstation Forum My ps3 controller is making my dude move by himself?

My ps3 controller is making my dude move by himself?


Like it makes my guy move in circles backwards when i dont even have the controller. And no I didnt throw it. How do I fix it?

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  1. Just watch this video tut. It will fix your problem. I had the same problem dude!

    [url is not allowed]

  2. when you turn on the controller it re calibrates and centers when it is turned on so you must of accidentally held the analog stick in the direction he is walking so where you were holding the analog stick is the new center this is a trick that can be used to walk away from ps3 while still have character moving to fix turn the controller off and set the controller down and press the home button without hitting anything else wait for the red lights on the front to stop blinking and pick up if this doesn’t work reset ps3 if this doesn’t work scroll over to setting hit calibrate controller and if your still having trouble contact sony

  3. the analog push it out

    then click it back in if that dosent work your controler is messed up

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