Home Xbox Forum My xbox blue-gray cable makes my tv green?

My xbox blue-gray cable makes my tv green?


My xbox tv cables, the red, white and yellow-gray ones, and the red-gray and green-gray ones all work fine, but my blue-gray cable, makes the tv yellow? unless theres some order of them ive done incorrectly, what can i do to fix the problem, or what order do they need to go in? Thankyou.

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  1. Red and white is left and right audo while yellow is standard video.

    Green, Blue and Red(audio) are component; HD up to 1080i or 1080p using some method.

    Your TV should have coloured rings around the inputs and you match the colours on the cords with them. Your TV being green I think means you left one of the plugs out, not plugged in correctly or not functioning.

  2. your using your YPbPr cable (component cable),

    it is very likely you are connecting green cable into blue socket on tv or vice versa,

    all else fails, get yourself a hdmi and avoid the trouble

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