Home Xbox Forum my xbox live suspension isn’t lifting?

my xbox live suspension isn’t lifting?


Okay so I had some stuff on my bio. basically said the F word and stuff (didn’t know there was “guidelines” but the thing is that i had that on over 3 months ago and then i removed it. i got banned a week ago for something that wasn’t on my bio at the time of my suspension. can they do that? or can i get my week of membership back (was banned for a week) my suspension was supposed to be lifted on May 27th which was 1 hour and 11 minutes ago. why is my suspension not lifting? i live in the Eastern time zone in case that’s got something to do with it? its 1:12 AM here

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  1. They lift it at the exact time you received it. As for getting you time back, not going to happen. You agreed to not put offensive stuff on your gamercard in the terms when you signed up for Live.

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