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Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed


http://madzgamenews.blogspot.com/2016/12/nintendo-switch-cpu-and-gpu-clock.html . Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed. We might have just learnt actual clock speeds of Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU. And I’m not impressed by it.

So Last week we learnt that Nintendo Switch will be using Nvidia’s Maxwell GPU architecture instead of the latest Pascal one.
This information was a bit disturbing but overall Pascal and Maxwell are pretty close in terms of technology we I guess we could live with that.
Obviously I wold still prefer Pascal as it’s more powerful and power efficient but lets not make a big deal out of it.

However there is another thing that worries me a lot , and that’s CPU and GPU clock speeds.

Both Xbox One and PS4 CPU’s runs at 1.75 & 1.6GHz respectively. These speed clocks are being considered as low.
X360 and PS3 CPU’s runs at 3.2 GHZ. They may produce a lot of heat but they were very powerful for their times.
PS3’s Cell Processor is still very powerful. More powerful than CPU in PS4 . But I digress here.
Xbox One and Ps4 GPUs runs at 800MHz – roughly.

So what are Nintendo Switch Clock speeds.
It’s 1GHz for CPU and 768MHz for GPU in the Dock Mode and 307MHz for GPU in Un Dock Mode.
CPU clock speeds are the same for both modes.

This unfortunately means that Switch will not be powerful enough to run most of the PS4 and Xbox One game ports.
So proper 3rd party support is out of the window. Unless devs will decide to cut the game so much that it will be completely different game – graphics wise.

I can understand that they want to save battery life and lower cost of the device but it’s not enough power.
I’m sure Nintendo’s first party titles will look great on the device as they have this unique style but technically speaking Switch will be a very under powered console.

So here’s the thing.
As a handheld it should be OK – but even many smartphones on the market are more powerful that this now.
But as a stationary console it will not be able to produce graphics close to Xbox One or Ps4 I’m afraid.

Switch will likely replace 3DS rather than compete with PS4 or Xbox One.

Nintendo be better working on a separate home console now as some rumors suggested a while ago as they may loose home console market completely.

Or maybe this is their goal. To make a good handheld and invest in mobile gaming and games like Mario Run and ditch home console market completely.
That would be a shame really but you never know.

source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-nintendo-switch-spec-analysis

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Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed


  1. let's not forget Nintendo makes the best first party games.Give Nintendo a chance. It's their games that matter the most!!!

  2. Nothing has change for me, its still going to be close to 1tflop while dock which is what i was expecting. Maxwell to keep price low makes sense and so does the big undercloked while undocked to maintain battery performance. Its everything that I was expecting Most powerful Handheld ever being more powerful than Wii U undocked and close enough to X1 with better performing Nvidia hardware tech(newer than AMD in current consoles) and newer ARM CPU even if its lock 1ghz Dock/Undocked has faster architecture than Jaguar. Switch is faster than Wii U while undocked Wii U = 352gflops, Switch undocked %40 of Docked power. 1tflop(Docked) x .40 = 400gflops. Exactly what i was expecting and 1tflop is enough to get 3rd party support Xbox One = 1.3tflops.

  3. So we're back to another Nintendo-game-only playing console? I'll wait until the unveiling in January but I'm not optimistic.

  4. It's a custom tegra chip and not an off the shelf X1. It may even have less CPU cores or more CUDA cores or a large edram embedded on it.

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