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PES 2013 “Strong shot” and “Low chip shot” Tutorial HD (the best Guide)


PES 2013

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  1. Bro I'll. Not making a perfect. Shot
    Ball was going elese
    So plzzzzzz upload a full tutorial. Video

  2. oke bosss makasih video nya. Berpendidikan and nambah skill maen game pes 2013. Tengkyu bang

  3. blue soda# kenapa elu yg sewot anjing kan gue bilang klo ada yg gk paham gimana gue gk ngomong gue gak paham bhsa inggris gue bilang kalo ada yg gak paham gimana lu tolol apa dongo sih njing

  4. bego klo yg nonton orang yg gk terlalu paham bahasa inggris gimana bego bego bego bego

  5. hey , ive test the strong shot and it works greatly from the mid field , but it just once and the other try ends up low chip shot LOL XD

  6. There is something with my shooting, sometimes when I'm shooting my player is going for the chip shot instead of power shot, I do not press that button for chip shot, only for shot

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