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PlayStation Home?


I’ve been hearing alot about it on YA, What exactly is it?

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  1. It is like second life for the PS3.

    You can design your own digital home and avatar and then explore the wider home world where you can socialise, jump to games and invite others to your home.

  2. Currently I am Beta testing it along with many others. It is possibly the best GUI for an online platform. Each PSN user has his very own avatar. You can customize everything from the shape of you nose, to the height and weight of your character.

    You have your own apartment where you can purchase (it’s cheap so don’t worry) furnitature like chairs, desks, lights, and TV’s (of course they are Bravia’s). With things like TV’s and picture frames you are able to put your own media inside of them to show other users when they visit your apartment (it’s actually called you Home Space). The way that you navigate your options in Home is through a virtual PSP, and it is exactly that. You press Start and it brings up a PSP that you navigate through to find your friends, transport to different places in Home, news and other things. The great thing about Home is that it is a community. So say your meeting up with some friends and you all want to start playing a good ol’ game of Warhawk. You can launch directly into any game that supports it (which Sony is making standard)! Some of the places that are in Home include a main courtyard that is much like a Calfornia Park with palm trees, chess, and just a good place to hang out. There is a theatre, where you go and view movie trailers, movies, game trailers, and user created content. There is a game room to play pool, bowling, arcade games etc. Like XBL, Home will have a Achievment system, but it looks much better. You have a trophy room and you get to share and look at the different accomplishments. Recently added to the Beta was a Shopping center where you can buy furniture, Homes Spaces, clothing, and other things. Basically Home is just a great place to meet other PS3 owners and communicate with them.

    There have also been rumors that some Sony press events may also be held in there. Another (I’m super excited for this) rumor is that for games like Uncharted and Resistance Fall of Man 2 you can explore the levels without having to play. With Warhawk, there may be a room where you can gather together with your clan and there is a table with like Sand on it. Remember in X-men when thety were planning their decent into New York, they had that metal table that flexed to shape buildings and stuff? Well they have that for Warhawk, it takes the form of the maps and you get to plan out your strategy for a game with your team mates. I’m loving the Beta and will look forward to it soon. Home is slated for release in Spring ’08 (Currently the Beta is in.8 release so it should be soon).

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