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ps3 40 gig?


ps3 40 gig reviews anyone
i know it has no backwards compatibility
Update 2:
same here but i wanna know if there is anychange in the praphics or anything

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  1. even though u dont have a ps3 i will be getting the 40gb because of the price and because i dont need backwards thing for ps2 games.

  2. i think it only plays ps3 games so no ps2 games on ps3 for you cross your fingers so i could be wrong.

  3. We have the 60 gig and the 40 gig The 40 gig runs much cooler then the 60gig. It does everything the 60gig does except play ps2 games. It only has 2 usb ports which isn’t a big deal cause we can still use the 4 controllers via bluetooth. The 40 gig doesn’t have the sd and flash card slots, again this is not a big deal.

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