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PS3 and ps4 help/advice needed!?


I need some advice from anyone who knows a lot about PS3 and ps4 consoles! Please read and answer! I don’t know much at all so please help!

First; what is the difference between a PS3 and ps4? Is there a huge difference? Please explain features and stuff!

Second; what’s difference in packages/consoles you can buy? Like I saw a PS3 12GB Starter console , and then I saw a PS3 500GB console solution bundle? I’m confused on what to look into buying! Help please!

Any information you guys can give on the PS3 and ps4 will be greatly appreciated as I know nothing about them! What would be a better investment? I don’t have a lot of money so is the ps4 that much better for the extra money? Please be honest.

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  1. The PS3 was the first version of the Sony Playstation series to introduce customizeable options. Things such as themes and backgrounds. It was also the first PlayStation to be able to stream internet and movies. It was the first to have a built in hard drive system. It had a variety of sizes. Unlike the PS2, you no longer need a memory card. The PS3 was released in 2006. Game developers are starting to stop producing games for the PS3.

    The PS4 is a more refined version of the PS3. It has more options and has a bigger processor so it’s games have more options, bigger worlds, and better graphics. It was released in late 2013. There’s not much else I can say about it.

    I have owned the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and I’m now looking to upgrade to the PlayStation 4.

  2. The ps3 is a six year old console, it still runs great but developers are stopping to make games for the ps3.if you’re going to buy a ps3 buy the 500 GB because that way you can have games and music, movies without running out of space.

    The ps4 however is new, brand new so new it has the new console smell. All jokes aside it’s a fantastic console it’s a massive upgrade from the ps3 like the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 3gs.some new features that are new is switching between games and apps and trust me it’s such a good feature coming from the ps3 when you had to close a game to go to Netflix in the ps4 it suspends the game and opens Netflix also the hardware improvements are most noticeable like the difference of old CRT TVs to new modern HD TVs most games on the ps4 and running above 900p and a minimum of 30 fps. The controller is improved as well it has a more robust feel and new addition of a touch pad allows you a new way to interact with whatever games you’re playing. Also the ps4 connects to a companion app on your phone that can control the ps4.

    In conclusion if you’re going purely on budget a ps3 is the way to go there’s a collection of great game to play. But if you’re going for investment buy a ps4 if this console generation is as long as the last one there’s a good 6 years of games to look forward to.

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