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PS3 Died! How! Why! Help!?


My PS3 died on me about 2 weeks ago and I’m having withdrawal symptoms lol jk but what happened is, I turned it on and it was working fine so while it loaded up I went to go make a drink and when I came back it had died, No sign of life what so ever lol no red standby light when its all plugged in and set up so I went out and bought a new power supply for it and still it doesn’t work so I know it’s not that, I don’t blame it for dying on me after all I’ve had it for about 3-4 years! it’s a 40GB model and when it died it still had my COD disk inside so I called Sony up and they said it would be about 150 pounds to fix it and give you a 3 month warranty because the one I have has ran out, I think it might have over heated but I’m not sure!

What do you think?

PSN: SCROOJ4U, Feel free to add me for whenever I get up and running again =]

Plz write your opinions and thoughts, thank ya! =)

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  1. i never heard of a ps3 overheating was it free of dust and in a ventilated area. if the standby light is not coming on it could be a fried circuit or a bad connection some where with the power cord

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