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Ps3 skyrim files wont load?


so i have skyrim for ps3, and just bought the dawnguard dlc for it. Since i got the dlc, my files havent loaded once i hit level 8 or so. i select my file to load, and then it stays at the loading screen. the text still goes and the music still plays but nothing else happens. ive restarted multiple times but it always happens at the same point. ive deleted the game save data and the save data utility and reinstalled multiple times but it hasnt helped. i dont know if this affects anything but i havent updated it to 1.9 yet. any suggestions would be great.

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  1. you need to update to use the dlc you bought , the update prepares the game to run using the new content so make sure you always update the game when required.

    If updating doesn’t make the saves usable what may have happened is that you downloaded the dlc but the download didn’t complete fully , if your internet connection failed or lost connection to the servers during the download and it missed a few files the dlc would be corrupted and affect the entire game.

    If that happened the only way to fix it is to try overwriting the bad dlc files or delete the dlc , which means deleting your game data for skyrim and then reinstalling the game off the disc , all updated would have to be downloaded and installed again and after that you’d need to quit the game and download the dlc again.

    try updating and downloading and installing the dlc only before you delete the game data and install everything , it will either work or you’ll need to delete the game data and try that.

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