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PS4 Slim VS PS4 – Happy Console Gamer


Playstation 4 Slim and how it compares to the Original PS4 right out of the box!
Not a sponsored video! I was just sent a Playstation Slim system to review anyway I want. My opinion is my own.

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PS4 Slim VS PS4 - Happy Console Gamer


  1. what? doesn't get as hot.. that's a lie. I traded up for this and its giving off a lot of heat, so much so u can smell it. I have it in the same place and can feel the heat though the table.

  2. i dont have ps4 but im buying ps4 next month and i dont have 4k tv so which is better for me ps4 standard 1tb or Ps4 Slim 1Tb?

  3. Getting a slim just to play Persona 5, might pick up some other games as well. Any recommendations for local co-op?

  4. does PS4 Slim supports online multiplayer gaming ? there's no video of ps4 slim multiplayer online gameplay etc… please do tell.

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