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PS4 vs Xbox One – Hulu Plus Streaming (Playstation 4 vs Xbox One Ultimate Breakdown)


PS4 vs Xbox One - Hulu Plus Streaming (Playstation 4 vs Xbox One Ultimate Breakdown)


  1. I have been having issues on both PS3 & PS4. It was working just fine for a while on my PS4 but it started this weird loading problem where it would show the Hulu logo & never even load. It also started doing that on my PS3. I used my PS3 for a couple days for Hulu because it wasn't having that problem on it but the bug caught up to the PS3. I tried using it on Xbox One at my friends house but I just couldn't stand that new setup they made & it even did the loading problem a few times as well.

  2. Why can't I access my favorites and queue on the Xbox one though? Like it just has a bunch of lists of shows but I find the queue or favorites section

  3. Hulu plus doesn't work on my ps4. When I click on it it says loading on the top left corner but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  4. When are we actually gonna see things that we care about e.g PS+ vs Xbox Live and PS4 Exclusives vs Xbox exclusives

  5. The two consoles have their pro's and con's, but they are both great. It's all about your preference, if you are more of an XBOX person then go ahead, it doesn't matter if you friends say PS4 is better. Choose what you want, in my opinion, I like the PS4 because it was my first next gen console. I bought 2 yrs. later an XBOX 360, it was good but I enjoyed my PS3 much more because I am more comfortable with it. But still I'm going to wait till' the slim version of both to come out because lots of the bugs that come with the consoles will be gone and lots of great games will be out. 

  6. dont forget services like hulu and netflix are behind the xbox live gold member pay wall on xbox one while ps plus is not required to use these subscription services

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