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Q*Bert for PS3 – Sinistermoon’s PS3 Reviews


Q*Bert for PS3 - Sinistermoon's PS3 Reviews

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  1. i remember of a game for the PC that was similar to this but it was an astronaut (he took out sheets of color and placed them on the squares instead of hopping) and it wasn't a pyramid it was different shapes, like stars. anyone know what that game is called?

  2. the colecovision port was epic for the time… i haven't tried the amstrad or speccy ports though.

  3. Yay I don't fail as a gamer either. Infact I own it for the Atari 2600 even though that port isn't very good. I didn't really know any better as a kid.

  4. I had this on the Amstrad CPC as a kid, fucking hated it. just drove me nuts as the version had those bastards who change the colors back on screen too early and too many of them.

  5. ah cool vid. confession: i've never played Q-bert before! damn if I ever get a PS3 i'll probably buy this, looks like fun

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