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question about 360 smartglass!?


Can my chick watch her girly chick-flicks on the big screen via 360;netflicks, while I, simultaneously, use the 360 controller to play need for speed on her laptop? Mind you, I only have have one 360 controller, one smartglass account, and one internet account.

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  1. yes just hook up your smartglass up and go into the controller mode so she can look through and searvh for movies while you use the actual controller I hope it helps!

  2. No.

    SmartGlass isn’t a remote display, and the Xbox 360 can only run one app or game at a time. If the console is busy running Netflix, then the SmartGlass app would give you whatever SmartGlass options that Netflix offers. It won’t let you play a game at the same time.

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