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Question about the Xbox 360?


So I was going to buy the new slimmer xbox 360 but I can’t decide if I should wait for the 720? Btw I’ve never had an xbox

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  1. You can consider buying Xbox 360 Slim 250 gb :

    Xbox 360 pros 250 GB slim

    Xbox 360 S Pros

    – Nearly silent when compared with the original 360.

    – Smaller with a slimmer look.

    – Built in wireless N and its fast.

    – Integrated optical audio.

    – 5 usb ports.

    – Internal, but easily accessible 250gb HDD on the bottom of the console.

    – Uses half the power of the original.

    – Works with most of the old accessories, including the transfer cable.

    Xbox 360 S cons

    – The IR receiver is located lower on the console and appears to have a narrower field. So depending on setup using a remote maybe a headache.

    – Only comes with standard def av cables.

    – Does not use the old memory cards or hard drives.

    – Touch sensitive buttons that when touch emit a soft tone.

    – Kinect ready socket in the back.

    Xbox 250 gb slim :

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  2. Dude buy the slim.Imagine you’ll wait for years to wait for a 720 you’ll just waste your time and BTW if Xbox 720 will be released you won’t have more games to enjoy like 360 but dude If you want to be updated in technology buy a PS3 rather than an Xbox 360

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