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Red Ring of Death HELP?


Ive had my xbox 360 for two years now and it has worked fine. Last night it started to smell like of something short circuited. Turns out I had put 2 game discs in it accidentaly. The discs showed no signs of damage but the xbox still smelt weird. This morning my brother started to play rock band and after one song, it got the rrod. I turn it back on , still smells weird, but it didn’t have the ring anymore. I am still gonna send it to microsoft but I dont know what happened. Should I send it to microsoft, what happened? More advice please.

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  1. First of all, How the hell did you not see the first disk in there, thats just stupid. Second of all, did you make sure it was three red rings. If it was like 2 or 1 or 4, then you should be good. But three, oh god. it happened to me. I got 3 red rings on christmas morning so i didn’t get to play my new games. So simple as this 3 rings = Your *

  2. just be careful with what you do. dont tilt your x-box when its running. big mistake. ive had the red ring of death too but my x-box didnt die. my brother had the rrod and so did my friend, and those both crashed. just dont do anything stupid while your x-box is on

  3. red ring of death is the most common thing on the 360, just let Microsoft deal with it so they could extend your warranty.

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