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RESIDENT EVIL 6 (PS4) – Review by midway23


RESIDENT EVIL 6 (PS4) - Review by midway23


  1. Great review! You have a wonderful optimism when it comes to universally hated games like this. Overall, it is a good game all on its own and playing it with a buddy on the couch is always a welcome addition. Cant say for most RE fans hating on this game's direction, but Im glad this game exists now for the ps4 hardcopy. Keep up game reviews friend! ^_^

  2. Very good review man! I'm going to buy the triple pack including all dlc on the ps4 tomorrow. 4 – 5 and 6. I never finished 4 years back. I've played 5 and six but none of the dlc and I've forgotten much of the gameplay. £19.99 in Britain as a Christmas deal on psn. Amazing bargain for all 3 games, can't wait.

  3. I'm sorry but when I play a resident evil game I expect a resident evil experience that's Why I could never play this game, maybe if it was called something else I would have played it, just like resident evil 7 what the fucks up with that?

  4. You can play Ada's campaign in co-op, but its shit. The second character plays as a mute Hunk clone.

  5. Awesome review! I'm glad you talked more about the positives of the game. Most of the other reviews i watched had mostly negative things to say. Keep up the good work!

  6. I honestly enjoyed RE6 on PS3, graphics was amazing, gameplay was fast and intense. RE1 was scary and slow with wayyyy too much puzzle solving. RE4 to me was almost the perfect one, pretty scary and intense at times but a bit short. What makes the RE games worth buying is because each one of them are different and to me that's a great thing, you don't know hows the next one will play and feels like but you know it will always be worth buying. Think I'm going to get 6 for my PS4, cant wait for 4 to come out, think I'd skip 5 since I didn't enjoy it as much. 7 looks insane tho. Long live Resident Evil.

  7. Played and finished this on the PS3.

    But man, to think i keep up to date with games whenever i can.. i didn't even know this was ported to PS4. that's how forgettable this game is. RE sure has taken the action game route on their last several outings. Hopefully RE7 will rectify all their mistakes and come bacl to its roots.

  8. It's such a damn shame honestly. RE6 could have been one of the best Resident Evils, but it was plagued by a lot of dumb game-play direction.

    I was so excited because it had a great ensemble. You got to play as Leon, Chris, Ada, and even the Son of Wesker. The only thing that would have made the cast better was if they included Jill and Claire instead of Piers and Helena.

    But man…what was Capcom thinking with the gameplay? Tripping over zombies, falling down after being hit, the stamina bar, the loose controls, headshots no longer mattered, everything felt automatic, etc. It was just horrid.

    If they just kept the game a bit more grounded like RE4, maintain that global zombie crisis, and include the characters, then it would have been a solid game. Instead they went a bit too wild and experimental.

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