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Resistance: Fall of Man? worth buying?


I have a PS3 and want 2 buy a new game im looking at Resistance: Fall of Man is it worth buying? any good, in your opinion.

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  1. YES! it should be the first game you play on ps3. I usually dont play first person shooters, but this game is awesome. graphics are great and movement seems real. Good story line will leave you guessing and wanting a Resistance 2! You will want to play it at least 3 times. best ps3 game out yet. I suggest you start off at medium because its made easier.

  2. Yea! go for it man! Resistance is now the most popular ps3 game out there. This game is like the ps3’s halo! I borrow this game from my friend for 2 weeks. I like to play campaign, but all the fun happens in online where you can blow up other peoples head, and even talk to others with a heaset! The game is made for shooters, but if you are not it is easy to catch on really fast! Hope you get it.

  3. Yes if you like first person shooter games, and if you like a good game to play on and off line get Resistence. Another game with intense graphics is Motostorm but rent that one first before you buy. It’s more of a Show off the graphics and all the cool stuff the controller can do type game. Goto the playstation store from your ps3 and download the demos.

  4. it sure is

    it was one of the three first games ive gotten which was a week before christmas and got NBA 2K7, played that one for a while but then got boring, and i got Need For Speed: Carbon or somethig and ive played it once(not good), and then last i got Resistance, ive never really had a game of shooting before this one but i enjoyed it so much, i still play it all the time! (online) online is awesome, i have more then 2,000 ranked games played and 1,000 unranked games played, its very addicting. which online it makes it fun because of GB, which is w w w.game ba t t le s.co m and you can play singles against another person – then doubles , which is where you have a partner and you play 2 people, then last and best in my opinion , clan battles, which you have a clan as many players in it as you want but you play another clan until someone wins. very fun. [my clan Manchester United, ranked #18 of all clans, and were gettin up there] but yeah.

    the story mode was cool too, i use to play cooperative with my dad, which is story mode with 2 people split screen, then when you beat the game you get a medal for that on the online community, your stats on online go along with alot of different things, you have medals, you name it they prolly have it on your stats, if you beat the game in super human, you can be a skeleton in online, or ofcourse you can download it from computer and on and on but yeah.

    you can glitch to go out of bounce, although they patched most of them up, they still have a few left, but if you get caught you get banned from the online gaming

    also, new maps for online are coming out soon which is awesome. new updates come for the game now and then to keep upgrading the game types for online are: Team Deathmatch and Free For All, which is just deathmatch by your self and Conversion. other objective games are : Meltdown, Breech, Capture the Flag, and the two newest ones that came from the latest upgrade are Assault and Team Conversion

    –bottom line.

    the game is very addicting and very entertaining, awesome graphics, and on and on, definetley the best game i have ever owned.

    maybe you want to look in to Rainbow 6: Las Vegas. which is all shooting game, looks good graphics, all my friends on resistance have been tellin me they’re gonna get it , i think it comes out in June but yeah good luck whatever you do

    suggest you to buy the game 100 % , awesome game, well worth it

  5. in my opinion. its ok. the nice thing about it is that it has two player co-op story mode. that is awesome. 4 player vs is sweet too. only if there were 4 player co-op. overall i’d give it a 7-8/10. not a bad game. graphics are nice, very nice, the gameplay is just like any other shooting game. and the stories not that bad. the only thing i would change about it is the weapon choice. i like to have lots of weapons. this game has the basics (shotgun, bozooka, sniper, machine gun, ) then also has unique guns. (spread machine gun, laser burst, and a few more, cant remember.)

    :SPOILER: sorta i guess

    the neat thing is that all weapons have a second attack. shotgun, 1) regular shot 2) double barrel shot

    bozooka, 1) regular shot 2) freeze the missle in mid-air, send out mini missles that follow nearby target, and reposition the target. in other words, u can shoot it at a 90 degree angle.

    sniper, 1) regular shot 2) slow down time

    spread machine gun, 1) regular shoot 2) tags the player/enemies and the shots then follow and goes towards the target.

    i think its worth buying it.

    especially since theres not much ps3 games out yet.

  6. Great buy. My friend bought it a few months ago and we played it everyday for about 2 months. Because of all the difficulties and the ability to play single, cooperative and online, Resistance is a game that is very difficult to get bored of. Also, when you beat the game in harder difficulties, you get different guns.

  7. i personnaly am a wii fan boy but my freind has a ps3 and coop is absoulotely great and online is fun too

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