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Ride Vs Ride 2 (Comparison)


Ride Vs  Ride 2 (Comparison)


  1. RIDE looks literally like MotoGP 15 with different bikes and tracks ! RIDE 2 seems to have a better handling but that contrast is awful looks like a game from the PS1 when watching on 360p lmao

  2. Ride 2 is the best motorcycle simulator, but it's only 25% of what car simulation did for cars.

  3. Ride 2 is easy without any aids until you ride the Suter MMX500, or the RCV or the H2R! They are all barmy to ride

  4. I didn't mind the ride Ride game, but I didn't like it as much as i did the MotoGP games. Is it actually worth getting? In all fairness I'm sure its an improvement but is it really worth forking out the dollars for …. I hardly play the original much, it would have to be a significantly better than that for me to get it … I do always keep an eye out for a cheap pre owned copy.

  5. Ride 1 sucked…

    Ride 2 is not much of an improvement.. It sucks too.

    Such a horrible driving dynamic.

    Um also, you talk A FUCKING LOT. I would have liked to hear the differences.

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