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Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) setup & configuration


Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) setup & configuration


  1. iam trying live stream my ps4 i hit share button then i hit broadcast keeps say connect sever but my sever is conncet?

  2. if you have a PS3 acount do you still need to pay for psn ? im getting one soon and kinda wondering this

  3. I just got mine today and when I try to connect to psn it says there's in error in the server how do I fix this

  4. Can't wait till Christmas for my PS4 but I hope it doesn't pull of the same bull crap my Xbox one did when I got it by including a trial for Xbox live (ps plus for PlayStation) and when I tried to redeem it wouldn't let me saying "you have already tried gold give this to someone who hasn't"

  5. i don't care about the setup & configuration. u erase the most important part of the video. your password.

  6. Ok maybe you can help me ? …. it's tells me to link my account to psn on my PS4 when I do so it will say do you want to link I press yes then it will say this account it's already linked with Spotify but it won't let me on Spotify because it just keeps asking me to relink my account ….

  7. PLEASE HELP. I have been logged out of my psn and if forgot my email and password because my brother set it up and he also forgot what should I do

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