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TestYourself Psychology Gameplay (PS3)


TestYourself Psychology Gameplay (PS3)


  1. @tremendazo26 thats good to know.. cuz this thing just said i have a "phenomenal mind" happy face…

  2. @soeren123456 lol thnx for upload, i was just deciding to buy it, its only £2.39 in the uk, but i think ill give it a miss, looks kinda lame, thnx for upload!

  3. @ty62191 If you have nothing else to play, I quess yes it is, but otherwise I havnt touched this game since I got all the trophies besides one. I would say no, but if you interest in tests like that, then I would say you should look at some other videos, and decide yourself

  4. @Olzme lol sorry. Dazzle cost around from 50-70 dollars, depending on what quality you want. I think I bought the red one. Wich was a mistake, since the diamond version was only like 5-10 dollars more

  5. @Olzme If you love games like these, sure its cheap. But for me its money right out of the window. But we got diffrent taste, no offense 🙂
    But anyway, yea it is cheap for a game, but it does have a limited use, so you can only use like 1/4 of the stuff in it, without buying the 3-4 other game packs, that cost like $3 dollars each

  6. @Olzme Nope, I used Dazzle. A little device you can record literly everything that you can plug into your tv (Camera, ps3, xbox…..) Almost anything

  7. @honkyjesuseternal Thanks, I honestly thinks that to make a game, they gotta put more stuff into it to keep the player busy. Not just to make 2 tests, that are boring. I would have much more liked it, if they putted all the 3-4 game packs, into 1 game, and doubled the price. But yeah, I regret that I bought this, but Im happy to help other spare their money 🙂

  8. Thanks for putting up the vid, soeren. What I see isn't really too great, no wonder the devs didn't put anything out.

  9. @Olzme You mean in the video? That's the actual music. (I guess it's supposed to be soothing).

  10. I bought this game recently. (Honestly, I was hoping for more than just two areas to test myself and a personality test…) I got high on attentive test, but low on the intelligence test…all because of the size of my TV screen. And it didn't help that the personality test said I saw myself as retarded, plus you have to have friends on PSN to do the other half.

  11. @Jkiller117 Then we are two 🙂 Nah I was also curious what this game was about. No videos/screenshots/trailers was from this game. This was literly the FIRST and maybe only video on the internet showing actually gameplay.

  12. @T2pRulz What about the reaction part with the colors? Would that be effective?
    I'd like to quicken my response time and idk if this would help or not.

  13. @T2pRulz Yep, waste of money ._. I could have got something much better for the same amount of money

  14. As someone who has studied Psychology for the past two years I can tell you how ineffective and pointless this game is.

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