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The Assembly (PSVR) Review


The Assembly (PSVR) Review

The Assembly PlayStation VR Gameplay - We Play PSVR's Story-Driven Thriller

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  1. the movement looks quite fast. can this be changed? i get really bad motion sickness so can just about walk but slowly

  2. Nice review but you need to cut that annoyingly loud shitty music at the end of the video, not good for headset users….

  3. If I played this game for more than 30 minutes straight, I would throw up, leave a like if you agree guys

  4. you should make a top 10 or 5 video for PSVR games. wanna pick a few up but don't wanna waste my money.

  5. Hey I just got to try my PSVR today and it's awesome! But the resolution is kinda poor. I just want to know if it's supposed to be like that? Some text can be a bit blurry and so are things out in the distance.
    I went through settings and measured my eye to eye distance and that helped a bit. Sorry that this is unrelated to the video.

  6. Noooo I hate the new theme you went with here. I thought the sombre, Silent Hill-esque sound of the previous theme matched the tone of your videos perfectly. And it was unique. Now it just sounds like every other YouTube channel out there…
    Good review, though. Thanks.

  7. my favorite games are loading humans and here they lie, i will try this tonight. i have always been a fan of Myst style games and psvr is amazing forv that. I Am eager for Obduction psvr.

  8. 30 dollars for 5 hours seems a bit overpriced.  now that I know a little more about it I may pick it up on a huge sale.

  9. "psvr's story driven thriller"

    you realize its on other platforms, yea? ive played it on VIVE at home,

  10. You can put normal movement from the normal stepping movement. But after five minutes of playing it with normal movement, I wanted to throw up ! You start to under stand quickly why they put teleporting and stepping as movement in the first place. It could really do with a body to look down to which I believe will help stop you getting motion sickness….

  11. Sold. My PSVR gets in tomorrow so I'll be getting this as one of my few purchases of vr games. It's just to expensive to get all the ones I want after spending so much on the rig.

  12. glad to see you can use the conventional method to move around ( fps mode) This would be the best move for developers to implement them in most vr games

  13. If I owned one of these, would what the wearer sees be visible on the TV screen? I'd like to watch my son play, or the other way around.

    Currently we have the Samsung Gear VR, (for cell phones) and I wish people could see what the wearer sees. I also wish the wearer could lean forward, stand up, sit, or "peek around corners". Cell phone based VR is fun, (and my bluetooth controller works fine) but it seems it can only be sensitive to the angle of the head, not location or head movement.

  14. I don't mind you guys talking but would appreciate some subtitles so I can understand what's going on in the game.

  15. VR seems to be not off to a bad start. Hopefully one day we will get the nervegear type of VR.

  16. What is strange, is that most of these PSVR games, that "may be" available on launch, via demo or purchase are not currently on the PSN store…..thus leading to a lack of excitement. I've ordered my headset and had £300 ready for games, I've ordered some, but because of the lack of psn store support or announcements and also because of the PS PRO lack of 4K Blu Ray drive, I've spent that £300 on an Xbox one s…….I'm not knocking PSVR, hell I've bought one…..but these videos keep getting released stating it's a "launch title" yet on the PSN Store, there are about very few pre-orders….and my cash has gone elsewhere now…I really hope PSVR succeeds, but I feel Sony need to get behind the platform a little more, and not just rely on "late" access videos….

  17. Im just worried the current gen hardware will be 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I terms of imersion, def a step forward, but PQ has not impressed me at all. Lots of jaggies, and low res textures looks like something from the PS2 era of gaming. I still have my preorder of psvr, but im not so sure anymore. Should I be worried?

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