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The Closest Thing To A Real MLB Game On Xbox One


The Closest Thing To A Real MLB Game On Xbox One


  1. I feel your pain bro. Ive been playing mlb 2k 13 for like the last 3 years now. I honestly think I'm gonnna buy the ps4 just for the show as well

  2. As soon as I could find a working ps4 for $150 I jumped on it and pulled back to back all nighters playing MLB the show. It felt so damn good to finally play a baseball game against my friends again

  3. I hear you dude..loud and clear. It's ironic that one of the world's richest companies cannot produce a decent baseball game

  4. RBI 16 is Waste of 20 bucks, this game is bullshit, I played with one of my friends to start and immediately we both had a hard time (to be expected) but after a week or so of practicing with him, we started to play against the CPUs and we didnt know we were playing on normal so we checked the settings because we kept losing badly, we switched to easy which was just as hard as normal and we were still getting beat 15-0 or worse, we saw there was an option for assisted fielding, we turned it on and found out that the only thing you do is throw, no controlling your fielders, which takes the fun out of fielding even though its extremely hard, if you play the CPUs, any ball you hit in the air (which is most hits) they catch… Batting is another thing that needs an update, i time my swings perfectly but the ball jeers away at the last second before it gets to the bat causing me to miss, also, like i said earlier, almost every ball i hit is a fly ball in the infield or outfield, they need to add an option that allows you to slow the pitch down so you can read it a little better because now you have 1/10th of a second to read the pitch and determine if you want to swing or not
    Overall: they need to update the shit out of this game or get tons of bad reviews, we need an actual baseball game for the XB1 because now, the only fair way to play is with a friend about as good as you

  5. Are there ANY backward compatible Baseball games that can be played on xbox1? I swear I miss playing baseball… GO WHITESOX & GO NATIONALS

  6. I fucking feel you ! what the fuck happened to 2k baseball they still have 2k basketball on xb1

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