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Thief Xbox One Gameplay Review


An Xbox One gameplay review for Thief, coming soon to Xbox One and Xbox 360. Check out next gen Thief gameplay from the final version of the Xbox One game, with opinion and commentary from Outside Xbox. Can this Thief game match the original Thief: The Dark Project, Thief 2: The Metal Age and Thief: Deadly Shadows? Find out here.

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Thief Xbox One Gameplay Review


  1. you're a brass at doing commentary. perfection on vocabulary and descriptive words. This game sounds awesome and looks amazing. Always been a fan of Assassins Creed's and this seems even better.

  2. i absolutely love thief .i keep playing it without getting bored.  i dont care what anyone else says but thief is best stealth game in my opinion. And fucking stop comparing it to dishonored and assassins creed . thief series was out way befor e them and has more originality than dishonored

  3. I was loving the game until I lost everything. For some reason my XO just dumped my entire 15 hour game and took me back to the prologue. I hope this doesn't happen to me on other games.

  4. Did Everyone really have that bad a time with the safe cracking thing? I thought developers were adding something to make you think a bit more but I can see how it could be a pain in the ass.

  5. I like your reviews much better than that of the competition cough ign. Where 3 #'s exist as scores 7,8,9. But despite how i like the much better description n not spoiling the story I feel I should not be able to hit the like subscribe button since the reviews have no score. Idc what system hell use ur own mixed with metacritic for all I care. Just please rate them as its the only means of comparing a great amount of $ in an investment. Games are way too expensive these days to just buy them. So we need a more measurable system than if a games jus good or bad as there are many varying levels of just how good or how bad a game might be.

  6. Got this game a few days ago, haven't played it a bunch het, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I know old school Thief fans really dislike this game, but for someone that is new to the series, it's quite enjoyable. Has kind of a Dishonored feel to it, but a lot darker, and prettier. I always somewhat disliked Dishonored's art style, but each it's own I guess. So far the most interesting XB1 title out IMO.

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