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Top 10 Xbox Games


Top 10 Xbox Games


  1. there were alot of good games on this list. star wars definitly. but we all knew who was going to be number one. halo. great choice

  2. Am i the only one who is wondering why Star Wars Battlefront 2 was left out of the top 10? It didn't even get an honorable mention :o. Star Wars Republic Commando was also left out… I mean i'm not a crazy Star Wars fan, but those 2 games were sick on the Xbox

  3. Compare these games to the list of Playstation 2 games and it's just embarrassing to consider yourself a gamer but not own a Playstation 2.

  4. KOTOR makes the list but Morrowind does not? Both were on pc and xbox only, so why the bias?

  5. what the fuck where is mech assault 2?!?!! that shit was amazing. 🙁 also fable definitely deserved a higher spot.

  6. excuse me, both halo games should be mentioned in this list maybe even one as an honourable mention.

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