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Top 25 Xbox One Games You Need To Play


Top 25 Xbox One Games You Need To Play


  1. Why Ya'll hating on bo3 in my opinion it was actually a really fun game and the multi-player was epic

  2. How can games such as Destiny or the Division or those platformer games get onto this list but not games such as the Crew or Just Cause 3?

  3. Yesterday I bought a XB1 for about 150 dlls with 15 games installed in the HDD. I'm already regret it

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  5. Whats funny about me is that I'm an Xbox person but not much of a Halo person. I'm more of a Call of Duty person. But Halo the Masterchief Collection sounds cool. Where can you get it?

  6. Just began playing xbox one
    Anyone has suggestions? But so far the best game I have played is Resident evil 5

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