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Toukiden 2 Review – The Final Verdict


Toukiden 2 Review - The Final Verdict


  1. This Review does not do the game justice. It's far superior and has much more to offer once you progress. Sounds like someone played it for an hour just to make a half assed review.
    I've been playing Monster Hunter across all games for more than 2000 hours. This game completly took my heart in less than 100 hours of gameplay. It does everything you love from Monster Hunter and just adds more stuff to make it better.

  2. Can you progress the story together with co-op like god eater? or is it limited to just certain mission

  3. I just wanna know if they finally show elemental damage in weapons when you attack. kwami didnt do that.

  4. good styled weapon good story very bad game play what the point doing all of that if the oni like 70% standing still and the demon hand feels way unfinished always lose camera on the oni and u have very above advantige on it witch is bad and boring I rate this game 5/10 so many flues it dosnt deserve 8 score at all

  5. This game is selling for £50 on Steam!! And yes thats 50 quid and not 50 dollars. ($63.01)

  6. Mitama concept is cool and make game more depth. Battle is excite for first time u face new enemy but u will face the same monster/boss again and again for farm material,It's lead to bored. Each boss battle take time (many minutes) to finish it because u have to cut part of boss first before damage it and this game is full of boss mob.

  7. Its seriously difficult to find a non biased pro heavy review, i cant be the only one who thinks this game is hot garbage, iam desperately tryna find an in depth non biased review to help decide if i should keep going. I wish ACG would do a review for this.

  8. Idk if I should buy this. I loved ragnorok odyssey ace(PS3 and psv) and idk if this is like that. Is it worth it?

  9. Tried to play this, runs like crap. Even a AAA GAME, like MGSV, runs better than this. How can something so graphically unimpressive require so much CPU to run?

  10. honestly feel capcom can Lear from this. they make a game and when its good they get lazy and all you'll get is pretty much the same thing again with some new features. this game however decided to skip a lake instead and boy… what a leap it was. runs full laps around current monster hunter titles. and I'm a mh fanboy since freedom 1… breaks my heart..

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