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Transformers: Devastation – Before You Buy


Transformers: Devastation - Before You Buy


  1. Got this in a sale on ps3 it was £10-20 can't remember.

    Buyers Note: This is not a game for people who only play easy-hard and drop it after one playthrough. This game is for those that play Very Hard, Ultra Hard an want to grind the best loot and build your 4 characters into unique fighters. That and challenge mode/secrets optional for those that want to bother.

    PS+ peeps are silly saying they got it for free, your paying for it in the ps+. An you need to keep it active. So only ps4 users.

  2. I really think this game looks good, but I wish there was a feature to be a Decepticon. I would almost 100% love this game if I could pound the living Spark out of Optimus as Megatron.

  3. is it sad that the one who did the gameplay at the background sucked…quite badly, in fact.

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