Hey guys, I am having problem with my Turtle Beach X11s for my Xbox 360. I just bought a used pair of X11s at Gamestop today, being told that they had only been used for about an hour and the user didn’t like them. What MY problem is, is this “WHITE NOISE” which sounds like a constant mosquito in my ear. This would be fine, only people in my Xbox LIVE party complain about it 24/7. I heard about a “GROUNDING LOOP” which may cause the whining noise, so I plugged a USB power plug into an extension cord and tried hooking my Turtle Beach X11s in there. This powered my Turtle Beachs, however my friends could still hear the noise. WHAT IS CAUSING THIS OBNOXIOUS SOUND? Is it something with the wires? Please let me know ASAP or I will return these for a new pair.

By the way, I use a WIRED XBOX 360 CONTROLLER when I play.

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  1. There is probably a bad connection in the wires. I’d just return them for a replacement, or refund.

    That is probably why they got returned the first time. If these headphones are so good, your best to buy them Brand New, never been touched or used by anyone. If the problem still exists then it could be a fault in your Xbox, or just faulty headphones from Turtle Beach. I would notify Turtle Beach of the issue. This way they can rectify the problem with a revision set.

    Good Luck.

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