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What is the best wireless PS3 surround sound headset?


I’m a PS3 gamer looking to take my gaming to the next level. I want a wireless surround sound.of course.but I don’t want to spend $300. I would like to find one that is under $250 for I’m only a teenager and can’t afford the best. I looked at Turtle Beach but I couldn’t find a good wireless. Any suggestions will help and also I don’t want a universal for I have heard they aren’t as good as regular surround sound.

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  1. you want the best but can’t pay more than $250? if you mean an actual surround stereo system you won’t find the amp and speakers for under $400 for even low end stuff and the best is as much as $7,000 , I’ll assume you want a headset , buy the sony pulse stereo headset ( $149 but may be on sale still at $129 ) , you won’t find a better one for less than $300 , wireless , 7.1 surround , works for games , movies , music , whatever you use the ps3 for and it lats a long time between charges

    they are better than anything turtle beach makes in audio quality and in durability and sound as good or better than the highest priced tritton headsets that are 3 times the cost , and they are simple plug and play – connect the usb dongle and setup your headset in the ps3 accessory settings menu as the input and output devices

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