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What should i do about my xbox 360 controller?


Well i went into extreme game rage lols and threw my xbox 360 controller and headset on the ground.Now the little end of the xbox live headset is stuck into the controller.i can’t put any new headset in there or anything.is there a way i can get that thing out or do i need to get a new controller?

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  1. well you could have one of your little retard fits again and maybe it will undo itself! or get a tweezers and pull it out maybe get a screw and twist into the bit till you get a grip and then pull out!

  2. try a magnet maybe? or put a little super glue on like a pencil tip and stick it to the metal part of the headset.

  3. Ha ha ha! That happened to my friend once! The first thing is that IT’S JUST A GAME! You don’t have to get mad at your controller for you sucking! Now, back to the question. Unfortunately, due to your anger management issues, you have to get a new controller and headset! You can get the mic out of the controller but you have to open the controller but the mic plug doesn’t work anymore. Next time you fail at games, DON’T TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR GAME STATION!

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