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When Did Games Stop Being Fun?


It seems that as time passes games become less and less enjoyable, but who is the one to blame for this, the player or the developer?

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When Did Games Stop Being Fun?

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  1. OMG bro, its like you were able to compartmentalize my thoughts and present them in a way i never could. Just disappointments and smell of failure.

  2. My advice to older gamers that don't want to play the crap that's coming out now is to stick with your old games. That's what I'm doing. These new games are a waste of money. Boring repetitive gameplay with no innovation. The only plus is that the games have better graphics.

    We will never again see the kind of games that came out from the 90s all the way up to when the ps3 and Xbox 360 came out. I know for a fact that when the ps4 came out, something changed in the gaming world. My kid doesn't even play the new shit that's out now. He plays my older games so that PS4 that I bought him was a waste of money. It has nothing to do with my age. My kid is obsessed with left 4 dead and gears of war and some of those came out before he was even born. Look at how many games they've remastered. They are really out of ideas.

  3. ps3 has some good game s like redead 1 Assassin s creed game s for ps3 the wii u has some really nice games and the ps4 not so much for the Xbox one not so much for the Xbox 360 has good stuff and the Xbox live service for the 360 is fucked now

  4. Ikr so true, games these days are so boring, can't find a single game I like, since Nintendo the only game I've been 100% attached to is rocket league. So addictive and fun, I still play it.

  5. I think VG are becoming less fun because they're trying too hard to be movies.
    I mean, I can really like the graphics in a game, but if graphics are the only thing holding it up, I'm playing a movie, not a game.

  6. uncharted 4 is getting in a year only 2 game modes and co op survival uncharted 2 even had way more content its multiplayer 3 even had more content

  7. You don't get tired, you just learn to distinguish between good and bad quality. And since good quality in any media is rare – you naturally consume less of it.

  8. to be honest the only games i can play over and over again is Pokemon and Kid Icarus Uprising, maybe its because i get attached to the characters, im slowly starting to get bored with pokemon as the creativity slowly drains, i can hope the next series is good

  9. honestly my first game that ive had true fun in since probably like 2013-14 is breath of the wild. im so tired of the oversaturation of shooters i just want something fresh.

  10. I think another problem is that with younger people that didnt have the luck of growing up during the 90'd therefore seeing first hand what is qualitative products released.. They simply never saw better. The objective is changing this rotten trend. They also cannot simply play old games as their experienced is biased by tech.

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