Home Playstation Forum Who wants to be in a PS3 black ops clan?

Who wants to be in a PS3 black ops clan?


Currently making up a clan, for the once a day players or a-couple-of-times-a-week players

specifically for those who always wanted to be in a clan but weren’t good enough and were rejected

just type your PSN gamertag below and we’ll all add each other and come up with a name together

You don’t necessarily have to be a Badas* ,,anyone can join

I’m PaulyD1209 I have a K/D of.90 and I am on 5th prestige

Itll be easier if we just text each other if you have a pnone, its ok if you don’t ,, but moslty to have a fun , cool clan 🙂

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  1. I have a kill/death ratio of 3.9. I don’t have internet anymore though, and i’m currently typing this on the 3g vita.

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