Home Playstation Forum why doesnt my ps3 play ps2 disc?

why doesnt my ps3 play ps2 disc?


everyone elses does and mine should because it even has a ps2 memory card in the machine!

please help me!

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  1. i might try calling the number on the box or on the main menu go to settings update via internet andlet it download

  2. It’s probably because you have the 40GB PS3. The 40GB PS3 can’t play PS2 games at all and is the only PS3 that can’t play PS2 games.

    If you have any other PS3, try updating the PS3 and try putting in the PS2 disc again.

  3. Yes, It is because you bought the 40gb which the 40 no longer plays ps2 because sony was trying to cut the cost out of the ps3. I bought the ps3 for that same reason. Your best bet is to take it back and get a 60gb off ebay or internet store. They do not carry 60gb in stores. I took my ps3 back and got a 360 instead, MUCH BETTER!

  4. Chances are that you have a 40gb PS3. If your front cover doesnt open, (where the memory card readers should be), 2 USB Ports, then you cannot play PS2 games since it’s a 40 giger.

    40GB cannot play PS2 games, even with an update. Why? Because it doesnt have the necessary chip/card to play/run the PS2 games.

  5. You can get a patch for the 40 GB PS3 so it will play PS2 games at PlayStation underground its free but it is for US PS3 systems only

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