Home Videos XBOX 360 BUYING GUIDE & Great Games w/ Barnacules

XBOX 360 BUYING GUIDE & Great Games w/ Barnacules


XBOX 360 BUYING GUIDE & Great Games w/ Barnacules

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  1. Wow I didn't know the hard drives had such problems I've had the same hard drive/Xbox 360 that I got back in 2006

  2. i have had my xbox 360 since 2012. i never had the "red ring". i have the slim version

  3. Pro-tip for those who think that you cannot get optical bitstream Dolby-Digital/DTS output to their receivers anymore because the device has ONLY an HDMI output: check the back of your TV. My Sony Bravia has an SPDIF optical output designed for pass-through digital bitstream audio. In essence: you can connect a PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4/Xbox One to a third-party HDMI switch, hook up the switch to your TV's HDMI input, then run an optical cable to your (aging) Dolby-Digital / DTS receiver and still get those audio formats to your 5.1/7.1 speaker system. It's important to note that you may have to change the audio output format from PCM to Bitstream in your console's settings. Otherwise the console will simply try to send either stereo PCM (Xbox 360 and PS3) or 5.1/7.1 PCM, both uncompressed formats depending on what it detects. Just wanted to put this out there because both MetalJesus and Barnacules sounded a bit like that was not possible with the Xbox 360 E model. I have one of those, and frankly love it over the OG 360. So much quieter, even quieter than the Xbox One or PS4. Also: there were some OG models that had ONLY the AV port and no HDMI, and there were some that also had the HDMI in addition to the AV. Only the E model did away with the AV port as we know it. However, they didn't completely remove it, they replaced it with an RCA-like plug for which you have to buy a cord (don't remember if the cord came with the console). With that port, you can only do Composite Video and Stereo audio, designed for the very few who still rock a tube TV.

  4. Jeez, bad luck that your 360 red ringed after the video. I've had my 360 Pro for at least 7 years with no problems whatsoever.

  5. "I think that's an NSA spying devic… Hahaha. Actually, that's not far from the truth…" •_•

  6. I had my first X360 on 2010 kind of a big PC/Playstation fan I'm more focused on exclusives on other consoles anyway great vid didn't know there is so much in xbox and yes I was one of the victims on the Overpriced grill Playstation 3

  7. I stuck with the Wii during Gen7 but I've been thinking about either getting a 360 since I still have a dozen old xBox games but I had no idea there was so much hassle with the other consoles. I used my machines only for gaming so I'm a little concerned.

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