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Xbox 360 E73? What Can I Do About It?


So it is true huh? You have experienced the end of your Xbox playing career haven’t you. The Xbox 360 e73 error is a devilish one indeed, but you will be happy to learn how you can get back on your feet in no time. There are some alternatives to actually buying a new one, and we will discuss all of them.

First and foremost, you must understand why you got these red rings. The Xbox 360 e73 is not the only error problem that you can get to earn the red rings. There are others that may be worse. You see when the console was manufactured, they were already prepared for failure by using wear materials to hold the system together. I understand that they did not want to harm any chips but jeez, why does every Xbox in the world fail?

The main reason you get the red rings is due to overheating, but it is not only that. The weak soldering and jamming of the trays also cause you to stop playing your games. The electrical systems produce tons of heat as you already know, so that plus weak soldering is doomed as we know.

So what does that Mean, how can I get back? Get to the Point!

Okay, now you know why the big corporation makes so much money, because they made a console so great to get you addicted and then when it breaks you go crazy because you want it back. Well you have the option of sending it back to them. Also you can send them $200 and wait a month to get back to playing. But if you do not like this option you can check the next one. You will eventually get rid of the Xbox 360 e73, just give it a couple months.

This option has to do with contacting repair centers in your area. It should be cheaper than Microsoft, but will take a couple weeks to get your favorite console back. I couldn’t wait that long, and if you don’t want to wait you could check the next option.

This option is the fastest and the cheapest way to fix that Xbox 360 e73 error. You would be watching a HD tutorial in the comfort of your own home that will teach you step by step what to do in order to get rid of those red rings. It is a guide that will get rid of all the problems the Xbox has to offer including the Xbox 360 e73. If you don’t like the other options then I’m not sure what you are waiting for. You don’t need to be an expert either, just watch the tutorials and go.

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