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XBOX 360 live huge ennoying problem please give help!?


I go to mathmaking on halo 3, it finds 3 other players, we enter map, and after about 3 seconds-i leave the game, back to the lobby to find out my xbox has disconnected from xbox live. now i know this is a router/broadband problem because on my laptop it sometimes randomly disconnects then re connects, but on xbox live it does it all the time and is the most ennoying this ever. please help me out guys because i need to get my rank up on halo ha 🙂

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  1. I’m having the same problem. Weirdly, it only happened ONE DAY after I informed my current provider that I was leaving them. 🙂 Make of that whatever you wish.

    Broadband service levels are monitored at the flip of a switch, they will rip you off if you let them.

    Call your provider and threaten (only threaten) to leave if the issue is not sorted. You will find that you have a stable connection very quickly. I would do the same, but we’re switching anyway.

  2. get a better router or modem. you might have too many programs open and that’ll take up a lot of bandwidth and make it slow.

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