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xbox 360 one red light?


my xbox 360 has brokedn for hte second timef irst time i took it back to the place that i bought it from and returned it this time i called xbox and im sending it in for repair my question is how long will it take? and i called customer service back and told them that i did not want a refurbished system because this is the second system that has broken. the guy told me three times that i would not recieve a refurbished system and that he would note to send me a brand new system. do you think they will send me a new system?

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  1. It is probably an over heating problem because i got that too but dont open up your xbox 360 or you will void the warranty.

  2. ull always get a refurb when u gt the 3RLOD coz they only nee to replace the board inside. ull only get a new one if the dvd drive has a prob.coz they simply cant replace it.

  3. Honestly, I don’t know what to think with Xbox/Microsoft. Their Xbox hardware is crap.

    Good luck though.

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