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xbox arcade and xbox 360 premium?


i am wondering which one to get, what do i need the hard drive for etc?


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  1. If you want to save money, Arcade is fine.

    If you’re planning on having quite a lot of games, more memory is needed, so get Premium.

    in hindsight i would have got the arcade, i have no need for 60GB.

  2. The hard drive is mainly for saving you games. But you probably don’t have to have one. I have a 512 MB memory unit for that and have plenty of saves. The main reason I have a hard drive is to install my games in it because i can’t stand how loud the Xbox 360 runs without it.

  3. The hard drive is used for your game saves, but also for storing anything you download from Live. This includes extra levels or other add-ons for games, downloadable games from Arcade, playable demos, as well as movies or TV episodes.

    You CAN get along without the hard drive, but if you’re going to go online, it’s getting harder and harder to get along with OUT a hard drive.

    You can always buy a used hard drive from eBay or Gamestop and plug it into your Arcade unit. However if you have the extra money it’s better to just get the Pro (Premium was the 20GB model which was discontinued) The extra cables and games included with the Pro make up for the extra cost.

  4. Ok well to go online with an Xbox 360 you need a hard drive (not just a memory unit). The premium is better if you want to put on music and stuff, but the arcade is cheaper. Try and buy it somewhere with a year’s guarantee from the shop as it is far easier to take it back to the shop if it breaks than to send it off to Microsoft. It depends how much you’re going to play it as well. Lots of games and saves, plus if you want live (online), you’ll need a hard drive and therefore a premium console. If you’re gonna play it little, not many games, not as many saves, no online etc. the Arcade seems a better option.

    Hope this helped 🙂

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