Home Playstation Games Anarchy Reigns – Official Trailer – TGS 2011 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Anarchy Reigns – Official Trailer – TGS 2011 (PS3, Xbox 360)


This video offers a sneak peek of the game’s story mode as well as a great look at its characters and the many battles to come.

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Anarchy Reigns - Official Trailer - TGS 2011 (PS3, Xbox 360)

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How does Platinum Games’ chaotic multiplayer game fare?

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IGN Reviews – Anarchy Reigns Video Review

IGN Reviews : Anarchy Reigns Review

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  1. Just for those curious and confused. The is beat em up, hack n slash shooter action game… And let me say,, It has an AWESOME multiplayer too!!!

  2. That's a little dissapointing. Out of all the unique and awsome looking characters, you choose the one that you're most familiar with. You should try stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. You'll find that it would be well worth it.

  3. Do any of yall know ware these characters came from cause if not that is a complete shame. So for those who dont know matilda,black barron, that mechanical bull, an I forgot the other characters, come from mad world

  4. u can buy it from japan , i just bought it , will probly be gettin it in 2 weeks i think!
    pretty shweeeet i say! r u can wait to 2013…

  5. A 5.9? I strongly disagree. From my personal experience with this game, I'd give it at least an 8.5 or a 9. It's over the top fun, has a lot of comedic moments (which is a huge plus for me) and the story really isn't even that bad. Even deep on several different occasions. I really feel for Jack and the situation he's in regarding his daughter. All in all, this game was a great experience and I give it a high recommendation.

    Would also love a sequel, Platinum. One for MadWorld too, please!

  6. This review makes me sad. I loved this game because the multiplayer aspect was so much fun– capture the flag, all out brawl, team brawl, and soccer/football. Each character was fun to play as because they were so unique in their attacks. I agree that the campaign was horrible, but that was passable because, as the review states, the focus is on large scale multiplayer. Lastly, the graphics weren't as bad as this review made it seem: the cinematic attacks displayed how great the characters looked. Yes, the world was a bit gritty and dark, but I've seen worse. This game deserves at least a 7.5 (I had a lot of GGs on this and would rate it a 8.5).

  7. I'm not really a multiplayer kind of guy, but this game is definitely up my alley in terms of, well, everything. It reminds me of streets of rage. I personally find the repetition fun. I know, I'm not your normal gamer. Unlike most, I enjoy repetition.

  8. I actually hope they attempt this again it's a great premise just suffers heavily from a lack of know-how and polish which is surprising from platinum but iv ALWAYS wanted a multiplayer dmc type game and I thoughts was it
    it sadly was not it was close but just not enough

  9. people dont let a review get to your heart. hes just a terrible reviewer. u cant let an opinion from one person ruin a game that is reaaaaaalllyyy worth playing. so yeah get the game if you want it.

  10. 5.9? would bumping it up to a 6 have really made people change their mind about your review, like "good thing that ign reviewer gave it under a 6 or i would disliked". The only necessary decimal for a review should be .5

  11. I'm seeing a pattern here for platinum games. Good combat, music is epic, and final boss is op.

  12. I haven't played this game but this is a really bad review that doesn't seem to actually explain what the game is before explaining why it's bad.

  13. I only got this because of Bayonetta and it was $5 but I enjoy it. The only thing I don't like is that you can't play co-op(two player offline with a second controller, not online multiplayer)

  14. Nah man he is right, this game has its flawes but for people like me who love combo based combat system with lots of animations and lots of characters this game is a must have. You cant let a cod reviewer review this game, they dont like to get so much freedome in killing someone as creative as possible, its just too much work for their brain. On the other side no slipscreen huge minus for me personally. Could have been a evolved smash bros game. And on the sidenote the combat system has its flaws wich progamer abused a lot against others. The online mode should have had a better layout.

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