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Battlefield 3 movement lag(ps3)?


I love bf3 but it’s so hard for me to aim. It makes me only able to use a shot gun if I spray with it. I want to get rid of the lag but I don’t know how. I turn aim assist off but it did work. And if you can’t can you add a mouse to move because my friend says it easier. Thanks

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  1. If you are experiencing lag, it may be your tvs problem. On your TV settings, turn Game Mode off.

    If that is not the problem, you just suck at shooting with a controller and may require hours of practice. Maybe you should play the campaign first before jumping back into multiplayer.

  2. if you have a lcd/led tv and you turn game mode off like the other person said you will get motion blur and thats even worse than lag,

    whats your internet speed

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