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Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites


Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites

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  1. press share > press copy link > go to Google > type flvto > press the first option you see on your phone (flvto home) > hold down on the blank spot until it says paste > press paste > press convert > press download > go to your music app (were you usually download music) and wait for your song to download > if your phone says it has a virus,don't download the app it tells you to download or you will get a virus or don't press on any adds > your finished

  2. Do you have a iPhone or a android? If you have a iPhone use a app called "Tubidy" you can download literally everything you find on YouTube on this app & if you have an android phone you can download an app called "Vidmate" I've been using both of these apps form 2 years and they are great.

  3. mp3juices.cc is a good website for downloading music, just it's a YouTube video's music. So if you have a problem with that then don't use it.

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