Home Xbox Games Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: Holodome DLC Review – Is it Worth 10$?

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: Holodome DLC Review – Is it Worth 10$?


Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: Holodome DLC Review - Is it Worth 10$?


  1. In my opinion, this dlc was pretty lackluster. Sure, some of the new items were cool, like the Taser pistol (I think that was what it was called), but by the time the third round came along, I started to get pretty bored of the holodome, there just wasn't anything interesting going on. The only reason I decided to finish the other rounds was to gain a bit more XP so I could have a chance at beating Eclipse. This arena just wasn't a fun experience, and nowhere near the amount of fun Underdome provided.

  2. This has been a while ago but this dlc is okay if you're looking for something else to do and sime customization items and weapons as rewards. The base game jas the raid boss and so on.

  3. I buy Holodome only to get +10lv cap =b ….. i hate arena….. but level cap upgrade is nice.

  4. Mind you this is more 2ks game than it is gearboxes. We as a fan base should collectively be telling 2k to fuck off and let gearbox studios make their own fucking games in the franchise, and simply let 2k be the producer, rather than an influence. My guess for bds 3 is that gearbox feels this way, and considering they already had two major flops, they absolutely cannot feel happy knowing they let a production company pay them to basically reskin the best game it ever made and turn it into a game that leaves an awful ending impression on nearly everybody. For borderlands three, ditch 2k, and go with a lesser known producer. Its borderlands three, were guna buy it, we dont care how it looks, we dont care how long it takes, we dont even care if it is super broken for the first 6 weeks thats fine, its borderlands. I really hope they make this change.

  5. You pretty much nailed it. I know it's 2 years later. I bought it for the extra levels on my skill tree. Still 10 bucks, still the same Holodome. Remembering the curtains opening for the bosses that showed up on Moxxi's Slaughterdome from BL1, sigh, they could have done something like that here. Random boss from the game comes in to wipe you out. If it were me… I would have had a light show and the boss dropping in right in the middle lowered in on a platform, or something. And respawning chests would have been good too.

  6. you know? the game creators who made the franchise I bet already knew everything before the game even got published and wondered for people like you how long it would take to figure this shit out if your gonna make states and bitch don't fuckin play other than makin a video while playing and pointing out their flaws no one is Fucking perfect gearbox makes good games none the less so quit with your shit you wanna retaliate? I'll post you as a fake fuck with me

  7. wow… this was 2 years ago, I really did wait a bit too long before picking up this game. Unfortunately I do agree with you about 90% on this. I spend about as much or even more time trying to find foes than actually killing them. On top of that, one of the eridian warriors create mini ones that shoot you out of nowhere so to stop that I had to find the original guy that was a bit of a pain. On the plus side, I found it to be decent for exp with some new skins.

  8. For those that want to know why BL:TPS blew compared to BL 1 & 2? Gearbox closed the studio that made it right after it was released so all the patches to fix balancing and end game, all the campaign and headhunter DLC (except for Claptrap which was already 80% finished) was CANCELED by Gearbox.

    So basically what we got was a broken unfinished game and frankly that is what it feels like. here is hoping that BL3 doesn't get the same shoddy treatment from Gearbox.

  9. Actually, you can fight a bit more bosses than mentionned here, Like the Destroyer (Which is ''wild life'' IMO), Flameknuckle and Powersuit Felicity. Also, you get to fight against a bunch of variation fo Dahl soliders and eridians, Not just your plain ol' regular Dahl soldier.

  10. And then there are those focking annoying enemies that can snipe you from 30 yard away goodbye second rewind do the complete round all over again

  11. im not sure if this video is broken but it stops at 0:05 every time no matter what i do and refuses to load any further.

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