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CGR Undertow – LEAGUE BOWLING for PS3 / Neo Geo Video Game Review


CGR Undertow - LEAGUE BOWLING for PS3 / Neo Geo Video Game Review


  1. I don't get it? So he didn't like nor does he recommend this game? Lol Thanks reviewer. Saved me two bucks!

  2. This reviewer sucks. He scores 130 and says this game is simple. LOL Try playing the game moron and get a real score. What a weak review, he doesn't even mention one of the moves in the game. It's like he played it once and complained because it was too hard.

  3. What? I played this game as a kid in the early 2000's online and it was really enjoyable. It was fast, cartoony and had cool animations! I love this game!

  4. I'm glad the new consoles offer these classics but I do not like the lame backgrounds. Simple black background would have been better. League Bowling is affordable and loads one time fast on the Neo Geo CD. Plus its a true Neo Geo experience.

  5. Is this kid really reviewing Neo Geo Aes gems, Neo Geo is a completely different animal and requires good knowledge and experience of arcade games of the era in order to properly recognize a poorly designed game, try Legend of Success Joe if you wanna see a bad game…

  6. Yeh harsh, this is a great arcade game. It was made for the arcade. Fun in 2 players too.

  7. I've never, ever, seen this title show up on any Neo-Geo arcade machine's list of available games. (Yet, Puzzle Bobble is quite the common sighting.)

  8. @EpicnessInABox
    Chill out dude. I can tell you worked really hard on your reply. It was a simple suggestion. Some people like Ray some like Derek. I think it would just be nice if they had their own channels just like inecomcompany. Thats all.

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