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Cheapest ps4 games pre order


5 different special editions of Destiny 2 have already been announced! In this video, I go over what each edition contains, the different pre-order bonuses that are available as of now, another year of exlusive DLC, and the Multiplayer Beta that will be on PS4, XB1…. and PC!!

Let me know which version of Destiny 2 you plan on getting in the comments below!
Gameplay = Destiny (1)

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!
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Destiny 2 COLLECTOR EDITIONS Revealed, Pre-Order Bonuses, MULTIPLAYER BETA, & DLC Exclusivity


  1. i pre-ordered the collectors edition and payed it in full i will be broadcasting this big-time when it comes out

  2. they also give you Cayde-6 figure when you pre-order it at GameStop I just can't wait until the release beta I already enter my beta code into Bungie official page

  3. to be honest with you guys instead of getting the 89.99 dollar one for that just buy the one I pre-ordered I pre-ordered that limited edition from Gamestop which is 99.99 dollars and pretty much brings you almost everything that collectors edition brings you except for the purse the Chargers and computer laptop skin

  4. which edition lets you get premium content and expansion and the game as a physical copy like a disc??? plz help

  5. Really excited for this game! Can't wait to play the beta and hopefully be able to upload videos of this game as well!

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